Why this blog?

I didn’t really think much about why I needed to blog. When I asked myself this question today, this was the best tongue-in-cheek response I could come up with (with apologies to non-Tamil readers) —

You: Why?
Me: Deva πŸ™‚

Nevertheless, it was interesting to read this article (thanks to Mr. S!). I particularly liked this argument —

DAE: Okay forget them. What happens when you outgrow your writings. Don’t they stand there as mute public testimony of what you were. There is no pushing below the carpet in cyberspace you know. It is like walking in wet cement.
Me: Heck… people make decisions at a point in time in their lives and live with that forever. If the world can live with marriage… I can live with this.
DAE: Touche!

Touche indeed! πŸ™‚ I haven’t really blogged a lot, but I sometimes find myself revisiting the same thoughts quite frequently. It’s sort of depressing that I haven’t ventured beyond this zone, but maybe the Markov chain of my thoughts have converged to their stationary distribution. Maybe πŸ™‚


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