Science vs God

An excerpt from the book “The Immortals of Meluha” by Amish Tripathi.

Brahaspathi: “I believe in science. It provides a solution and a rationale for everything. And if there is anything that appears like a miracle, the only explanation is that a scientific reason for it has not been discovered as yet.”

Shiva: “Then why do the people of Meluha not look to science for solving their problems?”

Brahaspathi: “I am not sure … Perhaps, it is because science is a capable but a cold-hearted master. Unlike a Neelkanth, it will not solve your problems for you. It will only provide you the tools that you may need to fight your own battles. Perhaps it is easier for people to believe that someone else will come and solve their problems rather than solve it themselves.”

I have argued a lot with my friends on this topic — I completely resonate with Brahaspathi’s viewpoint. On a slightly different note, I was also reminded of another blog post that I read some time back — “Nobody’s Going to Help You, and That’s Awesome”.

Btw, the book was very good. I recommend it.


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